Founder & CEO

Christian Rojas

Passionate about communications and marketing. On 2010, he decides to launch Lithiumpr, a public relations agency; that with assertive strategies has accomplished well known status in the market.

Christian is the leader of a group of professionals and has worked along with them to create strategies for luxury/mainstream brands and celebrities. In multiple occasions their work has trespassed the Mexican boundaries.

News Projects and Aliances

Malú Méndez

I’m in charge of the area of new projects and aliances. I search for talent and celebrities when our clients need it. I also supervise the coordination of special events.

Account Executive

Pei Garza

I support our clients and develop strategies along with the other executives.

Account Executive

Anuar Chehaibar

I work side by side with our clients to get a good strategy and propose activities that lead us to fulfill their needs. I coordinate with my team in order to execute our plans on time.